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Electronic Office Scheduling Tool for Architects & Client Projects

Replace printed schedules with sleek, affordable electronic paper signs that are instantly updatable.

By Church Designer Staff   •  March 31, 2015 5:10 pm EDT

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Visix Electronic Paper Signs (EPS) are a cost-effective option to display current schedules outside office spaces. The seven-inch displays can be placed almost anywhere since they don’t require any cabling. They can be easily mounted outside meeting rooms or attached to desks or cubicles used as workspaces.

EPS room signs are updated wirelessly via RF communication, and a sign’s batteries activate only when information changes. This allows batteries to last up to three years or 10,000 updates, the company reports.


- Economical choice for displaying room schedules

- Wireless and battery-powered

- Display schedules for meeting rooms, classrooms, training rooms and more

- Show workspace reservations for office hoteling

- Save time, money and waste by replacing printed schedules

EPS room signs show data from most event management systems, including:

- Microsoft Exchange and Exchange 365

- EMS by Dean Evans & Associates

- Google Calendars

- R25/25Live by CollegeNET

- Delphi by Newmarket

- Text file import

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