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Nexo NeMo Remote Control Now Available for MAC-OS

Advances in remote control and monitoring of Nexo NXamp controller-amplifiers allow direct access from a Mac laptop to the amplifier.

By Church Designer Staff   •  March 31, 2017 1:22 pm EDT

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Nexo announces its latest release of NeMo system management software, now available for the first time on the macOS platform. NeMo V2.0 software also includes features and functionality to change the operational control of Nexo systems.

Direct access

Advances in remote control and monitoring of Nexo NXamp controller-amplifiers now allow direct access from a Mac laptop that can be connected to the amplifier. Electronic parameters of amplifiers can be monitored over a wireless network, in real or past time, and data can now be stored as a log. Nexo has also simplified the advanced sensing functions in the NXamp that aid in loudspeaker cabinet protection.

An offline mode is available (in the macOS version); the user can create offline devices, edit settings, and match them to online devices later using a device identification feature. With custom control panels, interfaces can be created that offer a higher level of control.

Fresh features

Nexo NeMo version 2.0 accepts the new DTD Controller (network models), enabling remote control of one or several DTDs simultaneously including preset, patch, EQ, compressor, gain and delay editing, along with level monitoring.

V2.0 provides every feature for macOS as iOS so users have a choice of wired or wireless, zones, alert emailing, automatic update of preset libraries, EQ library, and improved performance and stability.

“Nexo NeMo V2.0 opens up a whole new playing field for Nexo controllers,” states Marc Lopez, director of marketing for Commercial Audio products, Yamaha Professional Audio. “Since its inception in 2013, Nemo has gained a lot of momentum with our customers on the iOS platform, and now making it available for macOS will be a powerful option.”

Nexo NeMo version 2.0 is available from the Mac App Store:

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